Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my card be re-billed for the subscription?

You'll be billed the 10th of every month, and the price will always be $60. Remember, you always have the option to skip any given month and remain subscribed. We won't bill your card, and you can resume receiving your boxes the following month.

Are boxes gone for good when they sell out?

Boxes rotate on a monthly basis, so a box that is available today won't necessarily be available in the following months. Popular boxes may be brought back from time to time, We always welcome your feedback on what you like to see in the boxes, so give us a shout at

Can I buy more than one box?

Absolutely! All of our subscription boxes are also listed in the one-time shop. However, only your first subscription box will be shipped for free. ($10 flat rate shipping on all other boxes)

Is there alcohol in the box?

Nope. Shipping alcohol across state lines is a tricky business, so we'll leave it up to you to decide which spirit will make your perfect cocktail.